Offer Prizes,
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Easily Build, Publish and Promote
powerful viral contests whilst seeing their
true dollar value.

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Get better results from your
next online contest.

If you're running competitions to grow your audience, or to encourage them to take an action … you could be doing it better (and smarter!). And doing it better means more of what you want: more 'likes', more follows, more shares – more sales, more profits.

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Turn marketing actions into
dollars, pounds or euros!

There's little point running contests (online or anywhere else for that matter) if you have to guess whether it was all worthwhile. Comprized provides you with reports and a dashboard that can be easily customized to demonstrate the true value of your marketing campaign…right down to the last cent (or penny!).

Incentivize Any Action

We make it really simple for you to create great contests that drive specific action. Make use of our API for custom actions or use one of our many "Click & Go" integrations.

How does it work?


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Create your own contest and offer free bonus entries for carrying out actions that you decide on.


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Publish your contest to your own website, Facebook, Twitter and more. It's easy as pie!


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Watch your contest spread virally, learn from our rich analytics and see the dollar-value of every campaign.

Key Features

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2 Minute Setup

Use our 'click and go' integrations to set up your contests in minutes. Don't waste your time fighting with technology, and don't slave for hours doing things the 'old fashioned way'. Get your contest up and running fast, and then invest your time in doing what you do best.

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There's no point running a contest if your audience can't find it! Using Comprized, your contest can run on your own website, your Facebook page - even on a specially hosted microsite.  You can send people to it using links, QR codes, emails...

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Viral By Design

'Going viral' is the dream of every marketer and business owner. Watching your hard work spread like wildfire across the web (and seeing the results roll in).  Comprized makes it simple… just follow our step-by-step guidance.

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Show Me The Money

Comprized takes the guesswork out of the ROI equation by delivering accurate and highly usable analytics and stats. We show you key influencers and enable you to measure the effectiveness of your campaign right down to the last penny!

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Worried about things looking great on computers, laptops, tablets and phones?  Don't be.  Comprized takes away all the hassle and automagically configures your contest to look awesome wherever it's viewed.  Smile :)

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Developer API

Sure, if you want to get started right away, you can dive in with our 'click and go' options.  But if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty you can roll up your sleeves with our developers' API and tweak to your heart's content. Geek love.

Comprized can help you...

Comprized can help you

Grow your mailing list

Comprized can help you

Save you a lot of time

Comprized can help you

Engage your audience

Comprized can help you

Reduce your marketing costs

Comprized can help you

Increase brand awareness

Comprized can help you

Create compelling content

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